Guitar Perspectives presents a weekend of concerts and  masterclasses featuring some of the world’s best guitarists alongside staff and students from the MCM. Showcasing the richness and diversity of the guitar in the 21st century. 

Academic conference: The Guitar Century (c. 1880-1980), international trends, local contexts. Keynote speakers Elijah Wald and Walter Aaron Clark

Special guest artists:

Yamandu Costa from Brazil – the most extraordinary Brazilian guitarist of his generation

Classical guitar superstar Meng Su

“…having the star potential to serve as inspiration for new generations of guitarists to come.” 

                                                       – Classical Guitar Magazine

Flamenco firebrand Adam del Monte

“A man whose blinding virtuosity coupled with an agile improvisatory sensibility, electrifies audiences wherever he goes.”

– Soundboard Magazine

Guitar weekend Schedule


Conference 1-5pm [8th floor 810 or 809]

5-6pm Walter Aaron Clark keynote [Kenneth Myer]

6pm drinks/launch of journal [level 3]

7.30pm Meng Su concert [Hanson Dyer Hall] Entry fee $20


10am conference

1-2pm MCM guitar showcase concert [Prudence Myer]

3pm-4.30pm Meng Su Masterclass [Prudence Myer]

5-6pm Elijah Wald keynote [Kenneth Myer]

7.30pm Adam del Monte concert [Hanson Dyer Hall]


11-12.30pm Adam del Monte masterclass [Prudence Myer]

1pm Concert Choro to the Max [60 mins]

5pm Yamandu Costa concert [Hanson Dyer Hall]